Our Background

United Community Foundation (UCF) was formed in 2019 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3). The mission of the Foundation is to explore, connect, educate, and provide quality health and educational opportunities for underserved communities in Texas. UCF aims to create access to health and education resources for underserved communities.
UCF’s name reflects the unity, strength, and passion to transform the lives of communities at large. At UCF, we strongly believe that being “United” makes a big difference in transforming the quality of life of deprived communities. By uniting our resources, making sincere efforts, and transforming ideas into realities, we hope to make communities more aware about their well-being and nurture their family for a better tomorrow.

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UCF has 2 part time staff members and 9 volunteers who support the community outreach events and provide help in promoting health services and educating the community on accessing available health care and education resources. We have partnered with other non- profit community organizations to refer clients for free or low-cost services.
UCF has provided screening services to over 2,000 individuals, and referrals to 300 clients through 45 outreach and educational events. We have limited capacity to access vulnerable communities and address their social determinants of health. However, we are expanding day by day and expect to enhance the scope of our services soon. Our team of dedicated
volunteers and support from grassroot level organizations can help us educate and navigate the individuals and families for education and health care resources.

UCF has been serving the uninsured and underserved communities in Harris county for over the last two years along with other partner organizations. During the COVID pandemic, UCF has focused on providing COVID testing and treatment services to uninsured and underserved communities in Harris County. Besides, USF has provided health screenings, telehealth, vaccination, and outreach & education. The services are mostly provided through
community outreach events, and participation in health fairs.